Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1359

In 1961, Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company of Boston, Massachusetts, installed its opus 1359, a three-manual instrument. 

A number of ranks were prepared for, including chests and console controls. Pipes for several of these ranks were installed by our late music director Jerry Kinsella and Church Music Service of Chicago. The organ is currently maintained by Eriksen, Christian and Associates.

Sister instruments have their home at such impressive institutions as Rockefeller Chapel of the University of Chicago, 

Alice Millar Chapel of Northwestern University, and St. Pauls United Church of Christ in Lincoln Park. 

The organ is a true gem and is exquisitely designed and voiced to fit the space. 

The combination of enclosed and unenclosed divisions enable the organist to perform literature from early Baroque to current

repertoire with historic and stylistic integrity. The variety of stops sets the conditions for vibrant and creative hymn playing.

Organ Specifications

For the organ enthusiast, we offer the current specifications of our magnificent 1961 Aeolian-Skinner opus 1359

HAUPTWERK (Manual II, 2” wind pressure)

16 Quintade (metal— 61 pipes)

8 Spitzprinzipal (metal— 61 pipes)

8 Montre (addition, called Principal, metal— 61 pipes)

8 Rohrflöte (metal— 61 pipes)

4 Praestant (metal— 61 pipes)

4 Spillflöte (metal— 61 pipes)

2 Super Oktave (metal— 61 pipes)

IV Mixtur (metal— 244 pipes)

8 Festival Trumpet (addition, metal— 61 pipes)

Glocken (Chimes)

BRUSTWERK (Manual III, 2” wind pressure)

8 Kupfer Bordun (metal— 56 pipes)

4 Gemshorn (metal— 56 pipes)

2-2/3 Rohr Nazat (from low G, metal— 49 pipes)

2 Zauberflöte (metal— 56 pipes)

1-3/5 Terz (from low G, metal— 49 pipes)

III-IV Scharf (metal— 192 pipes)


POSITIV (Manual I, 2” wind pressure)

8 Nasalgedeckt (wood— 56 pipes)

4 Koppelflöte (metal— 56 pipes)

2 Spitzprinzipal (metal— 56 pipes)

1-1/3 Quinte (metal— 56 pipes)

1 Sifflöte (metal— 56 pipes)

III-IV Zimbel (metal— 192 pipes)


RÉCIT I (Manual III, Enclosed, 3” wind pressure)

8 Flûte à Cheminé e (metal— 61 pipes)

8 Viole de Gambe (metal— 61 pipes)

8 Viole Céleste (metal— 61 pipes)

4 Prestant (metal— 61 pipes)

4 Flûte Harmonique (metal— 61 pipes)

2-2/3 Nazard (metal— 61 pipes)

2 Octavin (metal— 61 pipes)

1-3/5 Tierce (metal— 61 pipes)

IV Plein Jeu (metal— 244 pipes)

8 Voix Humaine (“mf”, metal— 61 pipes)

8 Voix Humaine (“pp", same as “mf,” softer)


RÉCIT II (Manual III, Enclosed, 3” wind pressure)

16 Flûte à Quinte (metal— 73 pipes)

8 Flûte à Quinte (extension, 16’ Flûte à Quinte)

8 Flûte Douce (metal— 73 pipes)

8 Flûte Céleste (metal— 61 pipes)

II-III Grave Mixture (prepared)

IV Cymbale (metal— 244 pipes)

16 Basson (metal— 61 pipes)

8 Petite Trompette (metal— 61 pipes)

4 Chalumeau à Cheminé e (metal— 61 pipes)


Zimbelstern (reversible, toe, with indicator light)

PEDAL (3” wind pressure)

32 Contre Flûte à Quinte (addition, electronic extension)

16 Kontra Bass (metal— 32 pipes)

16 Quintade (from Hauptwerk, 16’ Quintade)

16 Flûte à Quinte (from Ré cit II, 16’ Flû te à Quinte)

16 Contre Flûte Douce (extension, Ré cit II, 8’ Flû te Douce)

8 Prinzipal (metal— 32 pipes)

8 Gemshorn (prepared, to be metal— 32 pipes)

8 Flûte à Quinte (from Ré cit II, 16’ Flû te à Quinte)

4 Choral Bass (metal— 32 pipes)

4 Nachthorn (addition, metal— 32 pipes)

2 Blockflöte (metal— 32 pipes)

IV Mixtur (metal— 128 pipes)

32 Contre Basson (addition, electronic extension)

16 Bombarde (prepared, to be metal— 56 pipes)

16 Basson (from Ré cit II, 16’ Basson)

8 Trompette (extension, 16’ Bombarde, prepared)

8 Basson (from Ré cit II, 16’ Basson)

4 Clairon (extension, 16’ Bombarde, prepared)

4 Chalumeau à Cheminée (from Ré cit II, 4’ Chalumeau)

Glocken (from Hauptwerk, Glocken)

COUPLERS (Intra-manual couplers in respective division jambs, inter-manual couplers above Manual III)

Hauptwerk to Pedal 8

Positiv to Pedal 8

Récit I to Pedal 8

Récit I to Pedal 4

Récit II to Pedal 8

Récit II to Pedal 4

Brustwerk to Pedal 8

Hauptwerk Unison Off

Positiv to Hauptwerk 8

Brustwerk to Hauptwerk 8

Récit I to Hauptwerk 16

Récit I to Hauptwerk 8

Récit I to Hauptwerk 4

Récit II to Hauptwerk 16